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One day I came home from work and just felt like ugh, I need to do something about this house.  I always felt cramped and frustrated walking through the door seeing this.  Of course I always watched home and garden and home improvement shows so I thought I was up for the challenge.  I in fact was up for the challenge with in mind of the issues that I could potentially run into after knocking down walls.  So I set out to my local hardware store and took on this project as a stress reliever.

During Photos

During my project I quickly figured out that the builders of my home didn't take much time to do things right.  To my dismay there wasn't a single spot in my house with correct measurements.  I began to knock down walls and uncovered more tragic finds such as outlets not being properly wired. These were outlets that my kids and I used regularly but I said I was up for the task.  Now to put things back together was the nail that kept me going.  I wanted to see the finished product.   

After Photos

Still on my journey to the finish line I started to piece things back together so that I could get an idea of what the finished product would look like.  I rebuilt the wall to divide the sitting area from the dining room and kitchen.  I decided that I wanted crown moulding so I put that up(that's another story).  I laid down new flooring, refinished the cabinets bought new furniture, painted, refurbished old furniture and all of this was done for the sake of relieving stress.

Garden and Lawn Ideas always has cool ideas and items to choose from for lawn and garden creations.  This is a picture of my front lawn project.  Created with fireglass and sand.  This had my creative juices flowing for some time. Look at gallery to see finished projects.

Share the big news now has another online store that you can find amazing deals to help to get your creative ideas underway.  

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That new web address is  These websites will work together as a team. Having more specialized items will contain more furniture and more variety of specialty choices.